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Tips To Dine Out For Less

by interestguru on July 18, 2013

Tips To Dine Out For LessWant to enjoy dining out once and awhile? If you find that the cost of eating out is too expensive and it’s too difficult, you need to look for different ways in which you can save money on dining out so you can enjoy it once and awhile! Here are some easy ways to save money on dining out:


A great way to save money on eating out is by using websites like Groupon as they will send you daily offers. This is a great way to get discounts on expensive restaurants along with fast food restaurants too! When you use a coupon website you will also be able to save on travel costs along with massages and many other services. It’s a great way to have some of the “luxury” items and things without the expensive cost! Rewards books are also great as they offer some great coupons to get discounts on meals.

Tuesday Specials

Take a look at the website of some restaurants to find out which days are slow. Typically Tuesday is one of the slowest nights for dining out so a lot of restaurants will do promotions to try and stimulate business. It is likely that you will be able to get discounts on meals or even free meals if you check out their online deals. This same rule applies to the time of day as you can often get free kids meals and things before 5:00 pm.

All You Can Eat

To save money on dining out, hit up restaurants that offer an all you can eat program. It’s a great way to eat as you can take home some leftovers with you. Always take home the leftovers as you can have a second meal at home! You should even consider splitting your meal with your spouse or kids when you are at the restaurant to save even more money on eating out.

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Pay Less At The Pump

by interestguru July 11, 2013 Personal finance

Prices of gasoline are always subject to change. One week the prices may be low and the next week they are high again! How can you save money at the pump so you can keep it in your wallet? Here are some great tips to pay less at the pump: Check out gas prices. If […]

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6 Ways To Save Money On Your Utilities

by interestguru July 8, 2013 Personal finance

Do you dread opening your utility bill each month? If you have a utility bill that seems to be higher, you need to understand why it’s so high. Many people are not sure how to save money on their utilities and they end up doing the same thing each month only to see that their […]

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Saving Money On Investment Fees

by interestguru June 17, 2013 investing

We all want to invest wisely to have plenty of money set aside for retirement. If you are planning to invest your money for retirement, it is important that you know where to put the money and to ensure that you are investing a good amount so that you can get the best returns. There […]

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Start Saving When Vacationing

by interestguru June 13, 2013 Personal finance

It’s nice to go away on a vacation once and awhile as it can recharge your energy and will help you to refocus on your life. Many people choose to go on several vacations a year where others will save up for just one or two vacations. If you want to go on a vacation […]

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The Best Fixed Rate Investments

by interestguru June 3, 2013 Retirement Accounts

Are you searching for a fixed rate investment account to use? When you are expanding your investment portfolio, you need to search for certain investments that are going to provide you with safety and security. What are some of the best fixed rate investments to use when you are trying to save money and to […]

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