Ouch! What To Do About High Gas Prices!

Ouch! What To Do About High Gas Prices!Tired of seeing the gas prices rise? What can you do to start saving money when you are fueling up your vehicle? It helps to have a natural gas vehicle, though not too many people are able to afford them and they aren’t always realistic for some people. There are some things that you can do to shave a few cents and hopefully a few dollars off your next time at the pump.

Empty your car!

When you have excess weight in the car, it can easily end up increasing the amount of gas that you burn. Pull out all the unnecessary weight from the car so you aren’t weighing it down and causing you to end up spending more money when you go to fill up your tank.

Check the tires

Little things that you do to the car can help you save money on fuel. You need to check on the tire pressure of your car to make sure they are properly inflated. If you do not have the right pressure, the tires cause the car to work harder and this can end up causing you to burn more fuel.

Maintain slower speeds

If you avoid speeding up and slowing down, you can save a lot of money. Try to maintain slower speeds so you don’t burn excess fuel. Keep your driving at 65mph or less instead of going above this as the car will end up burning more fuel when you drive faster.

Turn off your car

Don’t let your car idle. This ends up causing you to burn fuel as well. You need to only have the car on when you are driving it. Plan on parking and walking into fast-food restaurants instead of the drive thru. This will actually save you money on fuel. You also need to plan on wearing a coat in the morning when you drive instead of letting your car heat up since this is just wasting fuel.

Check fuel prices

Use GasBuddy.com to help you research which gas stations are selling fuel for the lowest cost. Plan on using a regular grade of gasoline instead of higher grade as they can end up costing you more money. The only reason to use higher octane is if your car requires it.