How Much Would You Do to Earn 4.11% APY on $10k?

Depending on how time you have on your hands, rewards checking can really boost your returns.

Liberty National Bank currently has the best rewards checking account: Kasasa Cash.

In order to qualify for the Kasasa Cash 4.11% APY and ATM refunds, you must complete the following every month:

  • One ACH automatic payment or one direct deposit into the account
  • 12 Debit Card Purchases
  • Opt for e-statements
  • Use Online Banking

With many rewards checking offers, there is a monthly fee that kicks in if you don’t qualify for the high APY for that particular month, but with Liberty National Bank, there is no monthly fees ever.

If you don’t qualify in a month, you will still earn 0.10% APY, but you will not be reimbursed for ATM fees incurred in that month.

You can open a checking account online at with a minimum deposit of $100.


  1. Sky says

    Ed, at RateCatcher, we track rates of financial institutions. We are not a bank and have no control whatsoever over the rates, fees, and terms of banks and credit unions…though I wish we did!

    The 4.11% APY is offered by Liberty National Bank and is not a normal account – it is a rewards checking account. This means there are conditions that have to be met every month in order to earn the high yield. If you don’t meet all the conditions in a particular month, you will only earn 0.10% APY.

    You asked what rate you would earn if you deposit more than $10k. For this particular rewards checking 0.50% APY applies to balances over $10,000.

    These days there are few banks that offer very competitive tiered rates. Meaning the more you deposit, the more interest you earn. There is however one site that offers you gifts in return for larger deposits. The more you deposit, the better the gift. I will be publishing a post on this site/bank by tomorrow.